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sector rehabilitation and social welfare

Mash Intellectual education Marg

 The establishment of the Foundation in 1962
 30000 m thirty thousand square meters (5,000 m buildings five thousand square meters
The rest of the area of ​​agricultural land and green spaces).
Construction and buildings:
          The institution of an administrative building and one and number four buildings is a subsistence wards for children, restaurants and kitchen, workshops, clinic, store, laundry and gym.
Objectives of the institution
1 - social goal:
The train children to modify behavior patterns not only the mentally handicapped events and training on the patterns of the nonself positive behavior.
2 - vocational rehabilitation:
The train children to certain professions and Business Statistics (carpentry - knitting - bamboo).
3 - developmental services:
Represented in the development of mental abilities and son's remaining improve its mental level.
4 - social and psychological services:
The accompanying study the problem and suggest appropriate treatment and organize trips and camps, which helps to adapt Social with the external environment surrounding.
5 - Medical Services:
Represented at the regular disclosure on children to detect any infected by the disease Jr. In addition to providing first aid to emergency situations as well as the provision of medical care through the public administration of medical care and contracting with some private hospitals.
Vision of the future:
 Expansion of the institution to accommodate another 40 cases to be a total of 160 children a son.
Title Zakat Foundation Marg area behind the penal institution
The field of employment and rehabilitation care services in the field of intellectual disabilities
Scope Aljgeray work of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Absorptive capacity of 160 Son
Current occupancy 120 Son
200 Son of future target
The number of employees in various disciplines 95 employees
Degree of disability for children severely disabled
Cases accepted by the Intellectual education institutions and conditions of acceptance
§ The main admission requirements for intellectual education institution as follows: -
1. To be the son of nationals of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
2. That there is no IQ less than 36 degrees and not more than 75 degrees, taking into account social conditions.
3. To be able to move on its own.
4. In the case of psychiatric disorders Pat list must be of the type that does not lead to behavior المتنافر with taking into account the exclusion of people with mental illness or mental disorders or serious infectious diseases.
5. That no more than 18 years of age and not less than 7 years
6. Accept the case after a presentation to the Committee supervisory institution, after the presentation and discussion of all the documents I'm alone.
1) A Medical released from a government hospital and certified with the seal of the hospital.
2) IQ test issued by the classification and orientation center role of education.

The daily program for the children of Intellectual Edification Foundation and Homeless Children
Time The Program
To From
6.30 AM 6.00 AM Wake-up
7.30 AM 6.30 AM Cleanliness and showering
8.00 AM 7.30 AM Breakfast
8.30 AM 8.00 AM The changing between evening and morning shifts
9.00 AM 8.45 AM Morning assembly
1.00 PM 9.00 AM Variety programs as educational classes and professional workshops
2.00 PM 1.00 PM Lunch
2.30 PM 2.00 PM The changing between morning and Afternoon  shifts
4.00 PM 3.00 PM Compulsory Break
7.30 PM 4.30 PM Variety Activities as entertainment - Sporting–communications  - art works
8.00 PM 7.00 PM Dinner
8.30 PM 8.00 PM The changing between afternoon and evening shifts
9.30 PM 8.30 PM Watching TV programs
6.00 AM 10.00 PM Sleeping